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In Bahia, Brazil there already exist several projects for growing and fattening of tilapia fish in lakes and tanks (fattening in cages) as an alternative yield for diverse producers.

Aiming at a still larger diversification, and greater sustainability to our business, M. Libânio Agrícola S.A., has joined with a pilot program that is being tested in the region where its units are situated.

The initial coefficients can be seen in the following numbers:

  • 1,5Men/Month/Year ? 50 cages.
  • One cage ? 500 kg of fish per cycle.
  • Conversion feed ? 1,5 kg of feed / to 1 kg of fish
  • Quantity of cycles / cage / year ? approximately 2.4 cycles per year.
  • Estimated production month per Family Unit ? 05 tons per month
  • Estimated production per year per Family Unit ? 60 tons per year.

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