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M. Libânio Agrícola S.A. is comprised of, 2,298 non-contiguous hectares, distributed in 13 farms, located in four towns in the state of Bahia, Brazil (Gandu, Wenceslau Guimarães, Nova Ibiá and Ibirapitanga).

The total area is divided into 627 hectares of cocoa, 42 hectares of rubber trees, 360 hectares of pastures, 31 hectares of mirror like water and 39 hectares with other cultures and structures. The remaining 1,199 hectares are preserved original Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica).

The areas of water are comprised of lakes and tanks for fish farming and along with the forests there are some small cultivated areas destined for the practice of eco-tourism. The Company sees this as the best way to generate wealth and finance the conservation of the Environment.

The productive base of M. Libânio Agrícola S.A. is constituted by Glebes (Fields), which are Small Centers of Results (areas with an average of five hectares = 50,000m2).

Geographically determined assemblies of Glebes, united by federative ties, constitute a Farm.

The Farms united by confederative ties form the Company.


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Each Glebe is the responsibility of one person, who dedicates himself to the satisfaction of his true clients, which are the cocoa or rubber trees planted in that Glebe. To which individual care is given by means of dialogue between the plant and the person that watches the plant.

Distributed on the farms, there are 119 houses, 2 schools, electric and hydraulic facilities, for the use of the members of each team, without any direct cost; Demonstrating the concern of M. Libânio Agrícola S.A. with the wellbeing of its labor and with the formation of healthier generations, more educated, more productive and, consequently, morally and materially wealthier.

Similarly, as each Glebe has one person responsible for it, each farm has a Manager that personally coordinates the Glebes and unifies the results of their work.

The Managers are coordinated and have their results integrated by the Director Superintendent of M. Libânio Agrícola S.A.

In this horizontal structure there are no subordination relationships amongst the human beings. There are only relationships of coordination, integration and leadership.

If any hierarchy exists, it lies on:

  • The plant that must grow in harmony with the soil and the surrounding environment, and
  • The client that buys the products from the firm and must be satisfied with the quality, cost and the term.

M. Libânio is in constant search for the integration of its various businesses, using clean technologies that recycle refuse and eliminate waste, in what ever form it may appear.

Rua Manoel Libânio da Silva, 100, Centro, Gandu - Bahia - Brasil | CEP 45.450-000