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In the course of good agricultural exploitation it is not only important to apply the routine practices to the cocoa, such as configuration, transference, harvests and various others. Within the environment is written an indispensable manuscript of fundamental importance.

Therefore, every farmer that seeks success cannot ignore the use of conservation practices. Preserving the natural forest which exist on the property (especially on the higher elevations and around the springs of water), utilizing the simple practice of mulch (dead covering), utilizing techniques to prevent erosion, the improvement of the organic content of the soil and also the recuperation of devastated areas of the property by implementing and developing agro-forest systems.

From the development of these practices arises the possibility of the application of advanced techniques, such as the grafting of the cocoa trees and irrigation (with water reservoirs at higher elevations, permitting the use of gravity for irrigation), which will assure larger results in the rational exploitation of any agricultural activity.

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