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The founders of the original company, Durval and Manoel Libânio da Silva Filho, in 1920, created the commercial establishment “Casa Tupy”. Leading the company, they were instrumental in the clearing and implementation of the cocoa culture in the towns of Gandu, Wenceslau Guimarães, Itamari, Ituberá, Piraí do Norte, Nova Ibiá, Nilo Peçanha, Ibirataia and surrounding areas, supporting decisively those that worked the land, by lending for the purchase of sustenance’s, financing and the commercialization of the cocoa.

In 1950, the firm “Durval Libânio and Brother” was succeeded by “Manoel Libânio da Silva & Cia”, which continued to lead in the purchase and the financing of the output of cocoa in the region of Gandu. Promoting the production and supporting with credit new producers in the region.

Endowed with great foresight, Manoel Libânio was conscious that it was indispensable to consolidate the tangible assets, represented by the farms, by means of investment in the intangible assets, represented by the formation of successors and the professionalizing of the Company.

From his point of view, that was the solution to assure the continuity of the commitments with the development of the region and to guarantee the growth of the Company in the moral and material fields.

To this end, in 1975, the enterprise consolidated the patrimony transforming the company into a closed joint stock company, the “M. Libânio Agrícola S.A.”, creating the opportunity for the necessary conditions to unite around common objectives and for the blossoming of new business leaders.

In the decade of the 80´s, faced with the inescapable tendency towards specialization and concentration of the commerce of cocoa, the company decided to dedicate itself exclusively to the agricultural endeavor transferring the commercialization aspect of the business to Joanes Industrial Inc., which was subsequently acquired by ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company).

Rua Manoel Libânio da Silva, 100, Centro, Gandu - Bahia - Brasil | CEP 45.450-000