M.Libânio - Agrícola S.A


Organizational Model for Quality and Productivity

Agriculture productivity is the result of the correct interaction between the persons educated for productivity, quality plants, and the proper environment.

The Productive Person:

  • The person, to interact productively with the plant and the environment needs to be educated, well mannered, sensitive and disciplined (Action Program accompanied with good judgment) and be adequately compensated;
  • The criteria for the selection of the Glebista should focus especially on the quality of character, potential for learning, motivation, health and the vocation of working the Glebe;
  • The Glebista to be productive needs a Leader/Educator, capable of inspiring in them motivation and efficiency;
  • The person educated for productivity of the Glebe is capable of perceiving what the plant’s (their true client) specific needs are and the vision for the Glebe, the Farm and the philosophy of M. Libânio Agricola S.A.;
  • The productive Glebe person must have the security and assurance that his family’s needs are met and participate in the superior profits generated by him.

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