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M. Libânio Agrícola S.A. began in 1920 by brothers Durval and Manoel Libânio da Silva. They were instrumental in the clearing of the land and implementation of the cocoa culture in various towns of the Northern area of the Southern coastal region of Bahia, Brazil. Always seeking the development of new technologies in cocoa agriculture, beginning with research initiated in 1989, they were pioneers in the Cocoa Region of Bahia in the asexual propagation of cocoa trees (grafting).

The Company currently possesses 627 hectares of cocoa trees and 1,199 hectares of Preserved Atlantic Forest. These areas, along with others comprise a total of 2,298 hectares held by the Company.

The Company has its political-institutional aims to always, “Serve its Clients well”. In substantiating a basic business technology in the practice of new and modern technologies (clean technologies), the Company specifically promotes the harmonic equilibrium between soil, plant and man; striving for the formation of a self-sustainable environment.

Rua Manoel Libânio da Silva, 100, Centro, Gandu - Bahia - Brasil | CEP 45.450-000