M.Libânio - Agrícola S.A


M. Libânio Agrícola S.A. is a pioneer in the Cocoa Region of Bahia of the development of new technology for the propagation of cocoa trees, by means of research, initiated in 1989, of asexual multiplication (grafting).

In his vision M. Libânio foresaw that the key to the success of the Cocoa Culture of Bahia resided in the synergetic integration of the tangible assets, represented by the land, equipment and improvements, with the intangible assets, represented by the agronomic knowledge and by specific technologies of verified efficacy, focusing on attending to the clients with regularity and with the quality desired.

At the same time that the culture of the land is revolutionized, it is indispensable to revolutionize the culture of the workforce, which must include participatory work, partnership and a sharing of the wealth generated.

Rua Manoel Libânio da Silva, 100, Centro, Gandu - Bahia - Brasil | CEP 45.450-000